Thursday, June 21, 2012

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Thanks to everyone on Pinterest who pinned our "Bride's Emergency Survival Kit"!  Tis' the season for "Going to the Chapel."  If you're not heading down the aisle right now but are planning for the big day; we have lots more info, printables, and the "How To's", just for you!  

Today we are sharing with you a great link to a printable Wedding Planner. In this "Bride's Best Friend" printable, you will find handy checklists and timelines to keep you and your groom on task, right up until the "I Do's".  Print some of the pages, all of the pages, or just open it up and take a peek:

Keep those bridal eye's peeled next month when we will be posting a amazing tutorial on how to make a modern and stylish Broach Wedding Bouquet.  Check out this beautiful one that our bride's mother made for her.

Lisa Marie Photography
We will also be posting a fun and sassy bachelorette party for all those bridesmaids out there.  

Keep on coming back to visit with us and click "Wedding" under the category list to see our other fabulous wedding related posts.



  1. These printables are EXACTLY what I've been searching Pinterest for. Thank you!!

  2. How cute and what a great DIY idea for a wedding, I'm married so I am thinking put a plant in it and make it a great teachers gift!

    bridal fashion

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  4. Printable cards look like a wedding card .... I just admit as weeding card


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