Friday, March 16, 2012

Frock Me Friday > I Need Some Green

Yep, it's true I need some green and I don't mean the kind you spend. Well...I need some of that too, but right now I'm speaking of the kind of green that's for the "Wear'n of the GREEN!"  (Saint Patrick's Day is tomorrow, if you've forgotten...)  

I've picked out a St. Paddy's day outfit that will make it impossible for Mr. Glossy Flossy to take me anywhere but the finest of restaurants.  That's right, no brew pub for me in this outfit!  

Sometimes a girl has to splurge, and not only have I splurged, but (I know this goes against my "add to my existing wardrobe" philosophy) everything here is new to my "Wardrobe":       
Dressy Green Outfit

Dressy Green Outfit by laurieglossyflossy featuring Diane von Furstenberg shoes
I do love those green shoes.

Okay, now back to my "build on my wardrobe" philosophy.  I have one green sweater in my "Chaos and Gloss Wardrobe" so I am going to build a fabulous green outfit using that.  Oh, and I guess I could go to a pub in this outfit:Green and Blue casual dress outfit
I added this cute, striped, strapless dress, to my "Wardrobe"; and the sweater, flats and earrings, are from my "Chaos and Gloss Wardrobe."  The handbag is also new to the wardrobe - because you can never have too many handbags.  I'm also going to use this handbag when I go to the beach, pool, park, etc.  You see, I really need this bag -- it would just be wrong to pass up such a multi-purpose handbag!

Okay, I'm over the green now but I am into everything spring, like flowers, bunnies, puppies, warm weather, and sunshine.  This is the outfit I need to make me feel springlike but still be warm, because it was only 37 degrees when I got up this morning.
Spring Dress with Red Leather Jacket

Spring Dress with Red Leather Jacket by laurieglossyflossy featuring a RED Valentino multi colored dress

How cute is that dress!  Shoes, purse, and red leather jacket all from my fall/winter wardrobe!

Start shopping or planning what you're wearing for Saint Patrick's Day tomorrow- so you don't get pinched, orrrrr just forget about the green and go "Spring."


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