Friday, February 17, 2012

Frock Me Friday > Messy Purse, Messy Life

    I know that this is Frock Me Friday, but I'm in need of a confession.
    Here it goes,*gulp* :

     I have a messy purse of EPIC proportions.

    I get annoyed stares from cashiers who watch as I rifle through 500 receipts for 5 minutes, trying to find my debit card. There have been times that I've pulled my cell phone out of my purse to answer a call, only to realize that there is a wrapped piece of gum, that has now accessorized itself to the back of my phone. Sorta like an IPhone gum barnacle...I've went days thinking that I've misplaced my keys only to realize that they are wedged in the tiniest pocket of my huge purse, wrapped in a tangle of silly bandz, hidden by a layer of hotwheels cars (My purse also doubles as a time out/holding pen for all items banned from school or that are currently annoying me or others).

    My purse is a tragic mix of crumpled paper and pointless items. Ask me if I can shine a laser light pen to flash an SOS signal. I got you covered. Need a shark tooth necklace to accessorize your outfit? I got it. Ask me If I have $ me 5 minutes to scrounge around the dark pit of my purse and I'll get back to you on that.

    Well yesterday, I hit my rock bottom. I was at the store and doing my usual debit card search party, when a waterfall of crumpled receipts fell out onto the check stand and onto the cashier. She, with noted disdain and using two fingers, picked up my mangled receipts like they were snotty used Kleenexes, and then handed them back to a mortified, me. I gave her an embarrassed laugh and ran out of there like I had left a kid in the car.

    Well today is the day my messy purse shame comes to an end!
    Here are some accessories that will whip any down-and-out purse, into shape. It's a Frock Me Friday for your purse!

    First up is this great purse organizer insert from etsy seller Divide and Conquer
    Purse Insert ORGANIZER SHAPER / Cosmo Meadow Floral On Green / STURDY / 5 sizes Available / Check out my shop for more variety
    Hah! Divide and conquer?! Just what my purse needs! Here's one that I love in a Burberry print, from O Buy Me:
    Handmade Gift Purse Organizer Pocket Insert / Pink Plaid / Medium 22x8cm
     Or how about one in a hot pattern trend. I do love me some yellow and black. This one is from Etsy seller, Purse to Go:
    Purse To Go(R)Purse organizer insert transfer liner-Tiger Print-Jumbo size- Enclosed Bottom-Change purses in seconds

    What about those naughty, out of control, receipts? I'd love to corral them in this lovely holder from Emms Pocket Shop:
     Coupon Organizer Holder Raspberry Red and Cream

    Kate Spade envelopes:
    Pocketed organizer from Barnes and Nobles:

    Quatrefoil Black & White Receipt Organizer

    Here's a DIY idea from IHeart Organizing:

    Now for the keys:

    Key Wristlets - 3 Pack


    Peng Studios

    Or how about this adorable personalized one? There's even a DIY tutorial!

    And of course I couldn't end a Frock Me Friday post about purses without...purses!

    Remember to look for purses that have lots of pockets to stash lots of contraband, and a shoulder strap to leave your kid wrangling hands free...

    Have a great Weekend!


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