Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dear Me > Most Important Accomplishments. My Three Kids.

Did anyone miss us?  Usually we post on Monday and here it is Wednesday and we're just getting to it!  February is a busy month as all of Miss Angela Glossy Flossy's boy's birthdays are in seven days.

You might not know this but her husband received the best birthday gift ever seven years ago - twin boys. Yup, that's right twins were born on their dad's birthday. 

(Sorry about the terrible pic - this was before we got our digital picture groove on!)

Anyway we've been a little busy around here with all that celebrating, which in a round-about way brings me to my post.  I've been reading the February O Magazine.  There is a article in there called "You In Six Words."  In part it says, "Sure, your life story could fill a thousand pages - but sometimes a few words are all you need."

It's a fun read and a fun thing to do.  Here are some of my faves from the magazine:

  • Still fit into high school earrings.  Kimberly Kilroy - okay that might be my favorite cause it's too funny!
  • Carjacked in the Tunnel of Love. - Cheryl Diane Kidder - perfect for a February issue.
  • Recipe for failure. Changed my ingredients. - Antonee Boykin
  • Survived the divorce.  Learned to Live. - Laurel Hadley
  • I've made all the best mistakes. - Jessica McKeen-Grabell
  • I never say just six words. - Hayley Smith
  • Attitude adjustment courtesy of Sara Lee. -Kathleen Olson
  • Count my joys, not my woes. - Debra Smith
  • Just ate lunch. What's for dinner? - Lynn Andriani (I think that describes my grandsons!)
  • Life is short, buy the shoes. - Sara Nelson (Amen, Sister.)
  • Aging sucks.  Bangs better than Botox - Clarissa Cruz.
  • You have always had the power. - Glinda the Good Witch (Wizard of Oz)
This got me started thinking about my six words.  While working out I came up with this one:

  • Love.  Hate.  Love.  Hate.  My elliptical.
  • Looking for something. Found something else.
  • My heart is pumping for love.
The last two were from some songs I was listening to while exercising.

My ultimate six words are : 

Most important accomplishments.  My Three Kids.  

I have a rich and rewarding life from my three children.  I have their spouses and one soon to be spouse who I love to hang out with.  I have three beautiful grandchildren and more to come, I hope!  And I have grandpets to feed my pet love, without having any myself.  I am a lucky, lucky girl.  

Try out six words for yourself.  It's fun and something of a soul searching activity to do.  


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