Friday, January 27, 2012

Frock Me Friday > Lucky Red

Is there a better way to start Friday off than by gazing at some fashion?  Monday was Chinese New Years and I'm all about wearing some of that lucky "Red." I'm really not the kind of person to wear all red, although I've rocked a pair of red jeans back in the day.  I should have hung on to them because, wouldn't you know it, they are back in style this year (and I'm exactly the same size now as I was then...haha, *sob*)!  Now, I'm a bit more conservative and I like my red in smaller doses.  If you're shopping on Polyvore you can put together any number of crazy expensive outfits while sitting in your cozy little home, never having to bankrupt yourself for fashion.  I love it!

Outfit #1 

Lucky Red #1

I do love those red booties.  Remember in the movie, "In Her Shoes", where she has that closet full of gorgeous shoes she never wears because just looking at them makes her feel good - having these booties in my closet would make me feel aahmazing!

Outfit #2

Lucky Red #2

Check out the purse above - that was in my Polyvore wardrobe a couple of weeks ago.  The earrings you will be seeing again in the next outfit.  

Outfit #3

Lucky Red #3

The red flats were already in my Polyvore Wardrobe from a couple of weeks ago.

Outfit #4

Lucky Red #4

There are those red flats, black handbag and red earrings again!!!

My Polyvore Wardrobe is like my actual wardrobe - I'm trying to build on things I already have! If you take a closer look you'll see that most people already have a lot of those items in their closet.  Everyone has a basic black turtleneck, several pairs of jeans, black handbag (if you are me you have a red handbag also) and you probably even have that pair of gray slacks.  We all know that we have handbags of every color in our closets.  And I don't know about you, but I have enough coats to keep everyone in a small nation warm.  

Ladies, go assess your closet and what the heck, start your weekend off early and do a little shopping for some red.

- Laurie

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