Thursday, January 12, 2012

Frock Me Friday > Outfits for Marathon Shopping

Yup, that's right, I'm going shopping for Ding Dongs clothes.  

The kind of shopping I'm talking about is the kind where  you take armload after armload of clothes into your dressing room to try on (even when you know you're only walking out with two).  I'm talking, "Marathon Shopping" or the, "Olympics of Shopping."   That kind of shopping takes a special kind of outfit.  

It needs to be:
  • something stylish because you don't want those shop girls thinking you don't know style.
  • something comfortable for all day shopping.
  • and something easy to get off and on. 

What I don't wear when I go shopping:

  • Big earrings - they get in the way when you try on clothes.
  • Too much jewelry - If I do wear jewelry, I usually only wear a simple necklace.
  • Too many layers - it takes too long to take them off and put them back on.
  • Button front shirts - self explanatory.
  • Shoes or boots that are hard to get off and on.

Here are a few outfits that I would wear shopping:

Outfit #1:

Shopping 3
All outfit details on Polyvore.

Love, love, love that bag but it's $400!!!!  

Outfit #2:
Shopping 4
All outfit details on Polyvore.

The boots are only $68.  Trying on clothes is so much easier in the spring and summer but when it's 18.9 degrees out you need to wear a jacket or sweater.  That's right, that's what the temp is right now.  Thank goodness for that .9 - it makes it feel so much warmer.

Outfit #3:

Shopping 2
All outfit details on Polyvore.

All of the outfits above would be perfect for a marathon session of trying on clothes.  Hmmmm, although, if I owned these outfits I wouldn't need to go shopping!

- Laurie

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  1. Where are the boots from in outfit two that are only $68?! I must have them!


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