Friday, January 20, 2012

Frock Me Friday > 2012 Fashion Trends

Now that 2012 is steadily rolling down the track, all the designers are pumping out all of their new spring looks. Today on Frock Me Friday, we are going take a look at some of the fashion trends for 2012.

Did I lose some of you with the word "designer"? What, you can't relate to people that make a $3000 jacket out of Karl Lagerfield's belly button lint? You can't envision yourself wearing the same outfit that a model who considers her saliva lunch, wears on the runway? You don't think you can pull off "military zombie" makeup on date night?! Yes you can!

Designer fashion is alot like that girl you knew (or were) in high school. You know, the one that was really outspoken and wild; pushed all the limits with her skirt lengths, life choices, and crazy things she said. The girl that seemed to have cornered the market on Wet n Wild lip liner, black eyeshadow, and boyfriends. Or anyone that wore a feathered skirt, baby doll socks, lumberjack hat, or safety pin jacket. Fashion designers are that girlUnderneath all that, "Look at me!!", what they're really saying is: "Look at me and like me, 'cause I'm just using this pointy cone bra that I'm wearing, to get you to notice me". You did notice and probably envied how brave and cool they seemed, but knew that there was no way in heck you were going to walk around with cone boobs...It's all about interpretation my lovelies, and anyone can pull off any high- end fashion look and make it work for you!

Here's the good news ladies: 2012 is looking chock full of bright color, feminine prints, and romantic lace. It's the year of the girl!  Here are a few great fashion trends for 2012 that any, better- than- average gal (yes that's you!) can wear this year:

Electric Blues:

Romantic Lace:
Romantic Lace

Romantic Lace by glossyflossy featuring a lace coat

Feminine Prints:
Feminine Prints

Feminine Prints by glossyflossy featuring a pleated skirt

Remember to pick and choose easy pieces that work for your style. Happy Shopping!


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