Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dress This Mess > Mud Room Explosion

Today's post was supposed to be about my organized mudroom, but instead it looks like this (sorry about the terrible pic):

I swear these coats in here are some how multiplying.  As soon as I hang up all the coats off the floor, I'll turn around, and there's another one laying there. It's actually a little creepy. It's like they are mocking me, or maybe I just have a bad case of cabin fever.

Here is my blank wall where I've envisioned a great message center with all of my family's events and papers neatly organized...

Don't even get me started on the 100 pairs of my husband's work sunglasses that ARE EVERYWHERE. I ask him why he brings home a new pair every week and he explains to me that the 300 other pairs at home are scratched from being stashed in every available drawer, pocket, and basket; at which point I do some deep breathing exercises. Hmmm...

So instead of thinking about my mudroom's mess and wanting to cry; I found some great pics of some efficiently organized mudrooms that I can pretend are mine, or at least steal some of their ideas. 

I love the idea of the "in" and "out" bins in a message center.  All those loose papers floating around drive me crazy.

Right now in my garage, I have a large frame that I've wanted to turn into a chalkboard for about 8 months, Or maybe I don't anymore since my hubby keeps trying to throw it away. Look what a great chalkboard it would make though!
On Pretty Handy Girl, she made a message center with mirror out of an old window she found in the trash. Check out her great tutorial.  Love the idea of having a little shelf.

Delightful Order makes these great individual message boards for each family member. They go in a picture frame so you can use dry erase markers on them.  Genius!

This one uses bins and organizers from everyone's favorite store, IKEA. What a great idea to use the cork board on the bottom.

We've talked before about making sure to use that valuable vertical space. I think this shelving would work great over my coat rack...

This one uses crown molding and shelf brackets to make the space free standing. This also allows for more floor space.

Cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling are a must in small spaces. I love that green color (and the fancy dog bowl holder)!

Lastly, I thought I'd throw in an inspiration room to get me and anyone else, who is wading around in an ocean of winter coats and mismatched gloves, started organizing. Even if you don't have a large space like I do, any corner or closet can be turned into a functional mudroom, with just a little help; which is exactly what A Thoughtful Place did with her stair closet:

The After!

That "window" in the back is actually a metal message center.  How cool is that?!  Don't you just love how the stripes make that little closet look huge. Check out A Thoughtful Place for her "How to Own Her Mini Mudroom."

Well I'm off to pick up some coats. If you don't hear from me, come looking.  I think those coats are against me...



  1. Your mud room is awesome. Wish I had one! Love your post xxx


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