Monday, January 9, 2012

Celebrate, Celebrate, Celebrate > Happy Birthday Mama!

My Mama had her 81st birthday!

WOW!!!!  81 - there's a lot of wisdom in my Mama.  Some things she taught me:

  • Work hard.  If my Mom did a job, there was no such thing as half-ass (ass was not in her vocabulary - no swearing was another lesson but that one didn't take.)
  • Pray every day.  If something is not going right with someone and you tell her, her reply will be: "I'll put them on my prayer list."
  • Never borrow money unless you can make your payment if you're unemployed.  This happened to my Mom and Dad.  When they first were married they borrowed money for a car and my Dad got laid off.  They had a hard time making the payments (they did make the payments, though.)
  • Grow a garden.  She said many times that they ate well because they had a garden.  This is a legacy that she has passed down to her children and grandchildren.
  • Stand up straight.  I sometimes see slouchers and I think that they look uncomfortable in their skin - like their trying to shrink and go unnoticed.  You look more confident standing tall with great posture - and also if you're over 50, like I am, and you're starting to shrink you still look tall.  Thanks Mom for that lesson.  
  • Suck your stomach in.  This really goes with stand up straight because it is impossible to slouch when you're sucking in your stomach.  A multi-benefit wisdom: looking confident, takes inches off your waist, and makes your abs stronger (try it for a half hour.)  Also impossible to slouch in a chair.
  • Exercise every day.  I'm still working on learning this lesson.  It seems to be hit or miss with me.
  • Dance around the house.  My Mama would put an album on the hi-fi (for you young'uns, there used to be a turntable that played music, it wasn't just used by a DJ to scratch!) and dance around the house.  She just asked me the other day if I ever dance around the house.  Sometimes, but not enough.  After she asked me that I came home, danced around the house and felt amazingly good.  My Mama has a lot of wisdom.
  • Put others first.  My Mama always asks about everyone - you, hubby, kids, grandkids, friends, etc.  She is genuinely interested in everyone's well-being.
  • Make things, it's good for you, your brain, and your well-being.  Mama has made some amazing things over the years for her loved ones.  Now you know where Miss Angela and I get it!

That's her with one of her three favorite people, her grandson (the other two faves are her other two grandsons)!

Happy 81st Birthday Mama!!!!!!  We had a party for her and for dessert we had "Heavenly Cake."  The perfect dessert for an "Angel." Here's the recipe for you to make for your "Angels."


1 white jiffy cake                        2 sm. pkgs instant vanilla
1 20 oz crushed pineapple,            pudding
  drained                                      2 c. milk
8 oz. pkg cream cheese               9 oz. cool whip
½ c. milk                                     chopped nuts, optional

Preheat oven 350o.  Bake jiffy cake in 9X13 pan for 20 minutes.  Cool completely.  Spread drained pineapple over top.  In small bowl mix cream cheese & ½ c. milk.  In another bowl mix pudding with 2 c. milk.  Mix pudding and cheese together.  Pour over pineapple - spread evenly.  Spread cool whip on top.  Sprinkle with nuts or coconut or both.

I didn't use a  jiffy cake - I'm not even sure they make them anymore.  This is an old, old recipe.  I used half the batter of a cake mix and made cupcakes with the rest of the batter.

Happy 81st Birthday, Mama! 


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