Monday, January 30, 2012

Celebrate Celebrate Celebrate > Be Mine

This post was supposed to be about making this Valentines Banner, incorporating a lot of sparkly stuff that I love.  

But . . . making this banner made me think about my "Be Mine."  Now I want to write about my favorite Valentine, my husband!   

Reasons why I cherish my husband and why I know he cherishes me:

  • He lets me ride in the front of his truck and not in the back in a cage.

  • He carries all the heavy loads.

  • He loves me more than his bike, boat, truck, etc. and would rather sleep with me than the fore mentioned items!

Ladies, cherish those husbands and let you favorite guy know how much you love and appreciate him. - unless one of those pics are of you then I would just ignore Valentine's Day!  

Okay, back to your regular sponsored program - the "Be Mine" Banner.  First up - it's "Be Mine" because I was too lazy to make "Be My Valentine" or "Happy Valentine's Day!"

Have you seen those cool ads for Sherwin Williams Paint in Better Homes and Gardens, where they've made a cake out of their paint chip cards?  I see those and I think they're saying to me, "Come get some of these cards and use them to make something."  I'm sure that's what they're saying sooooo, that's what I did.  

My Valentine banner is made from Glidden "Candy Apple" paint card, ric rac, book pages, glitter, and sparkly letters and hearts that I picked up last year at Walmart for 99 cents.  There you have it - easy and almost free to make!


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